Started on a MoH map but you never did finish it?
Just gave something a try but you won't need it in a 'real' map?
You created and released your maps and you've still got the .map files somewhere?
Why not recycle them, here's the right place for those MoH maps and somehow remarkable pieces.
You are wondering how other mappers did it?
Need an inspiration for your next map?
Here you will find some maps and pieces that may help you!

There are 4 categories to choose from: maps, misc, prefabs and tutorials.
In maps, you will find the files of rather completed maps which were given up or even of once released projects,
misc contains experiments, gadgets and some examples of how things could be done.
prefabs will be made available for a little something to spice up your map if needed.
tutorials will provide more detailed specific instruction on various tasks.
Because most of what was and will be submitted might not yet be finished by the author, you might get data which is not 100% like what the author would call an example of perfect brush work, texturing, tweaking or whatever.
Nevertheless, you surely will find pieces which could show some little secrets which will never be covered by tutorials, or which could give you some ideas for your next map.
If you find something you'd like to 'borrow', be so kind and tell the author. He surely would love to hear about it!

In December of 2003 the Recycling Bin was created for the purpose of sharing .map files with experienced and learning mappers to get ideas, share textures or prefabs and a chance for new mappers to see how things are done.
It's one of the great resources for MOHAA mappers. Here - one mappers trash may very well be anothers greatest inspiration.
The Recycling Bin's creator Wacko has not only provided our community with "The Bin", but is also responsible for contributing many of his greatest works to the cause!.
The Staff here are committed to maintaining "The Recycling Bin" as Wacko had intended it to be. If you have any comments or questions you may send them to


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