Great! You're interested or even have decided to send some of the old stuff you found in your maps folder!?

Map files? Please put all the files you want to share into a zip (or rar, tar, arj...) file and include a short description.
Do not send the bsp-file.
Also, please include 2 screenshots, RGB-JPEG, 200x150 and 600x480 pixels.
If you are aware of errors or things that ought to be improved, tell this in that readme, so beginners will know that this is not the way it ought to be.

Prefabs? Put your pfb file + pk3 (if neccessary for textures, scripts) + picture (jpg/gif, 200x150) in a zip, add a short description (for example, give me keyword(s) for it, your email...)

If you wanted to submit more than one map or piece, be so kind and send them in separate zip files! thx.

If u like to be contacted by people who want to use your 'rubbish', tell me! Else, I won't give your email adress away.

Please send your rubbish to

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