31/10/2008 Demo map where the player can select the next map (map switch demo)
29/08/2008 Check out Streets of Bakersfield by Phantom Warrior and Stalker (SOS)
22/06/2008 Winter Bunker prefab by Grimm (Winter Bunker)
30/04/2008 Nice garbage can prefabs by PKM (trash cans)
30/04/2008 PKM's USS Protron prefabs (uss protron)
31/03/2008 Here is Grimm's winter map - Snowy Village (Snowy Village)
20/02/2008 Prefab of a Farm building (Farm building)
20/02/2008 Prefab of a small house (Small house)
20/02/2008 Check out Grimm's great little map of the town of tranquility (tranquility map)
04/01/2008 Simple tutorial to make your textures seamless (Seamless Textures)
04/01/2008 Take a look at Erick's Elevator Tutorial (Elevator Tutorial)
04/01/2008 Here is Balr14's Tutorial on Gensurf (Gensurf Tutorial)
26/12/2007 Check out codharbor by Grimm (maps/codharbor)
09/11/2007 Rockin! - PKM offers up metalgods textures and .map (maps/metalgods)
01/10/2007 Check out dm_burg by Tom Buchbauer and Wacko (maps/dm_burg)
30/09/2007 Here is Levillage by Tom Buchbauer (maps/levillage)
01/08/2007 Her Kruger offers his map Navidad 1936 (maps/Navidad)
11/07/2007 Check out PKMs unfinished Mall map (maps/PKM Mall 2)
15/06/2007 Check out Her Krugers Verdun map from "The Great War" Mod (maps/Verdun)
14/06/2007 Spectator camera demo for multi-player (misc/Spec Cam)
12/06/2007 Cool Textures used in Wacko's map (maps/Aegypten)
12/06/2007 sample King of the Hill mod in a little FFA Hill map (maps/Hillking)
07/06/2007 Check out Wacko's ATAK map
06/06/2007 added a lockable door demo
04/06/2007 added Wacko's updated Torch Demo
02/06/2007 ViPER made a switchable light demo
01/06/2007 Fixed broken link to Bjarne's Vermork Factory map
29/05/2007 Take a look at Bobzilla's unfinished work "Hitlers Hotel". maybe you will find the inspiration for your next map by checking in (maps/hitlerhotel)
29/05/2007 Added Kalti's flying birds with sound (misc/birds)
29/05/2007 Check out the moving platform script that makes Wacko's map "Hexanoia" come alive (maps/hexanoia)
29/05/2007 Welcome - The Bin is back in action so enjoy your visit!! The Recycling Bin is for mappers and new mappers to get ideas or inspiration from unfinished works, samples, demos, shared custom textures and prefabs. New mappers can learn by example from a variety of source .maps that are available.

If you have something for the bin you may  Submit  it to us.

- Enjoy! "the Bin Staff"

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