Add flying birds with sound to your map

included: map-files, script, custom textures and sounds

Kalti   Size: 383 kB


A moving bridge, opens by a trigger_use, waits a bit and closes again. the script is far from being perfect but it's sounds yet

included: map (inside the pk3) and script

Wacko   Size: 69 kB

Underwater bubbles and drips from the ceiling. But the drips don't splash on the surface of the water. The bubbles do make being underwater seem more real.

included: models, demo map and script

tltrude   Size: 34 kB

a surveillance camera: watch areas anywhere in ur map on a screen

included: map and script

Wacko   Size: 70 kB

Stargate with teleporter and rotating rings

included: map, script, textures

Shifty   Size: 2.1 MB


Teleporter for multiplayer maps. Different to normal teleporters, this one is telefragging proof, by clip brushes stopping followers until the teleported player is in a safe place. Works in both directions.
NEW UPDATE (30/03/04): there was the slight possibility to be locked between the clips...

included: bsp, map, script

Wacko   Size: 30 kB


lockable doors demo

included: map-files, script and bsp

ViPER   Size: 33 kB

Fan, animated without script

included: map

Wacko   Size: 3 kB


texture + shader for plain glass in white and in green (for the edges)

Wacko   Size: 5 kB


texture + shader for gold

tltrude   Size: 26 kB

grass, waving in the wind. probably not good for huge amounts of it, but looking quite nice.

included: map, texture and shader

Wacko   Size: 7 kB


A "health booth" where u can fill up ur health

included: map, script and  texture

Wacko   Size: 78 kB


map darkness and script in switchable lighting

included: map-files, script and bsp

ViPER   Size: 126 kB

create a switch in your map that allows players to choose and switch to the next map

included: map-files, script and bsp

ViPER   Size: 9 kB


A moving belt realized with animated texture

included: map (in pk3), texture and shader

Wacko   Size: 20 kB


A simple map containing a number of plants and grasses that move, and a modified canal_sludge water shader/texture.

included: map (in pk3), textures and shader

grb   Size: 1,7 MB


The Pegasus bridge, fully moving and with sounds

included: map (inside the pk3), soundfiles and script

At0mic   Size: 632 kB


Three rings rotating one in another. Rotation speed and sound changes. Could become a stargate or I dunno...

included: map (in pk3), textures and script

Wacko   Size: 298 kB

Demonstration map about how to make sitting AI's for SinglePlayer maps

included: map-file, scripting

Axion   Size: 95 kB

spectator camera.pk3

Little demo of a spectator camera for multi-player

included: map-files, script, textures and bsp

ViPER   Size: 3.16 MB


A springboard which needs to be activated by a initial jump

included: map, script

Wacko   Size: 13 kB


Dragged out of DORF2, here are two little gadgets: Water pouring out of a tube and steam from a gully

included: map, textures, steam tik...

Wacko   Size: 40 kB

UPDATED! A torch with a flickering flame, flickering light and sound

included: map, script, textures and shader for several flames to get a different flicker for each torch. Wacko also demonstrates what NOT to do as the scripted light shines through the backside of walls

Wacko   Size: 113 kB

A small building with a lockable door and a trapdoor floor inside. U can lock intruders, turn the lever and watch them fall into the pit

included: map, script

Axion   Size: 46 kB

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