bailey bridge

A detailed bailey bridge single panel.
Used from world war 2 to present day.Commonly used for a replacement bridge next to or over an existing destroyed bridge also used as a raft (or ferry) with the assistance of a pontoons.

keyword(s): arcitecture, bridge

Judge   Size: 66 kB


a metal bedframe

keyword(s): furniture

Axion   Size: 3 kB

chicken coop

a chicken coop

keyword(s): architecture

Axion   Size: 5 kB

farm building

a farm building

keyword(s): architecture, farm

Grimm   Size: 60 kB

hole in the ground

a hole dug in the ground to reach a basement:
go down a rope ladder, pass the tunnel and go through the broken concrete wall. taken from 'containerz'

keyword(s): architecture, broken, tunnel, ladder

Wacko   Size: 9 kB

Mj's prefabs

Here's Mj's prefab collection: Lots of goodies to give ur map some athmosphere:
Some stacks of CoD style barrels, those things forklifts pick up, a nice dead tree, CoD style long crates, some metal to lean against walls, metal rimmed crates, some pipes to adorn walls and such, and a rather groovy woodrimmed crate :)

keyword(s): furniture

Mj   Size: 66 kB


a wooden shelf

keyword(s): furniture

Axion   Size: 4 kB

small house

a small house

keyword(s): architecture, house

Grimm   Size: 60 kB


a metal stove

keyword(s): furniture

Axion   Size: 4 kB

trash cans

Street side trash cans

keyword(s): furniture

PKM   Size: 807 kB


Space ship prefab sections, textures, scripts and sounds

keyword(s): vehicle, spaceship

PKM   Size: 2.16 MB

winter bunker

a bunker for your winter map

keyword(s): architecture, bunker

Grimm   Size: 32 kB

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