27/01/2006 Grb made some pretty moving plants and grass to add some beauty to ur maps
05/01/2006 I found a bug in the radar map's script, which made an adaption to ur map impossible. The new script can be found here and the pk3 is corrected as well.
01/01/2006 two additions in misc: "camera" and "health booth"
happy new year of successful mapping to all of u
18/06/2005 radar-map featuring the marauder map showing where all the players are walking around
17/06/2005 here's my map snowhill
01/06/2005 Axion did a tutorial map about sitting AI's (go misc/sitting)
10/05/2005 Mj published the source files of his map Dieppe
10/05/2005 A pretty useful prefab collection of crates, barrels and others made by Mj!
Ur map is already waiting for it ;)
08/05/2005 A new map, "Factory of War", and a pretty and very detailled prefab of a bailey bridge both by Judge. Well worth the download!
Btw, this is the FIRST map I got this year. Hey ppl, this can't be it!
31/01/2005 A map I won't finish anymore, kind of venice style.
20/01/2005 I've done a small map "THE CUBE", rather a scripting exercise than a mapping thing, but could be fun playing nevertheless. Features four boxes carrying the players to the other floors, raising water and blocks pushing the players...
08/01/2005 The first prefabs arrived ;-) Send me yours and/or your comments. What should I change?
08/01/2005 Okay my friends. I'm changing my attitude.
If u send prefabs and if they were of good quality, I'll publish them.
Dunno what u would want them for, but ppl asked me to. So, what the heck, I'll do it ;-)
22/11/2004 New map file: Splaetos built a Nazi prison for an upcoming liberation map. Here we present the dm-version. Check it out!

And a little tower I once started, but will probably never finish. This one is maps/2towers...

18/10/2004 New misc file: At0mic did a fully working Pegasus bridge
14/09/2004 New map file: Kloster by Tom 'Hanswurst' Buchbauer
11/09/2004 Did u see the difference? We moved :))
Check ur bookmark and things will be as fine as before.
17/07/2004 a piece right out of my own rubbish bin, 'dorf2'.
12/07/2004 map file of our (Krane and me) latest map, 'containerz'.
02/05/2004 2 pretty new maps made by Ramah, 'Firefight' and 'Clifftop'.
31/03/2004 a pretty stargate,
nice gold texture,
underwater bubbles and dropping water,
a fan without scripting,
update in dm_teleport.
23/03/2004 jeep driving for multiplayer maps
20/03/2004 a teleporter for multiplayer maps (telefragging proof)
16/03/2004 a little springboard (in misc) is all i can offer today
07/03/2004 No news, rather an info: no prefabs
All prefabs you'll find here are here to show how something can be done rather than make life easier by offering pieces you're too lazy to build yourself! I can't and don't want to do a prefab library, because there are already enough sites covering this, I personally don't like the idea of prefabs done by others and then my webspace is limited...

05/03/2004 Another brilliant map by Jack Ruby: "Nazaire", a Spearhead TOW map for up to 32 players.
Based on the famous commando raid on Saint Nazaire.
Go get it!

04/03/2004 okay, 25 files now
newest (and I'll tell from now on) is SpecOps Jack Ruby's "Peenemunde research facilty". Check it out!

25/01/2004 not sure, whether it is understood how this site would work. i've got 19 files for u, where 14 were made by myself. this can't be it...
If you won't submit anything, the whole thing makes no sense.
But because those who want to download, probably aren't the ones who can or dare to upload their files, it is maybe a bit difficult. Nevertheless, most mappers seem to be willing to give their files away, they just don't do it.
So, if u know someone's map u'd like to play around with, why not ask the author to submit it here?!

10/01/2004 did a complete reconstruction, tell me what u think!
03/01/2004 the rubbish bin is now called a recycling bin
28/12/2003 come on! if u have time to read this, u can zip ur rubbish and send it as well...
that's how it works
25/12/2003 now u get screenshots, too :D
18/12/03 already 10 downloads (including my testing :P) and 1 upload! we gonna be famous!
Split files section into maps, prefabs and misc
17/12/03 i'm just giving it a try! if nothing will be submitted and/or downloaded, i'll simply close this site again.
any comments, critics, wishes? contact me!!!
16/12/03 read a post in the .map forum where there was asked for old mohaa maps to study or start with.
i think it's a nice idea and might be useful for some and fun for others.

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